Our recent collaboration with frill furniture - 2023

Our recent collaboration with frill furniture - 2023

This is actually our very first blog post!

We thought that some things aren't suppose to remain just as a product listing since we have such a nice story to tell. So it all started 8 months ago, when we decided to participate in the annual 'Fresh Paint' fair in Tel Aviv.

We wanted to create something new, something we never experienced with before, something that creates that WOW effect, and maybe, just maybe, we cannot make just by ourselves.

We are a true fan of collaborations, since there is always some magic created when two worlds, minds and methods sync and create something together. It is always something else, something that you maybe cant imagine or that you could'nt come to just by yourself.

So for this year we thought of collaborating with a wood-maker, or you can also call it a furniture designer and create, well furniture!, therefore we collaborated to 'frill furniture' owned by Gila Babich- furniture designer.

Our studio specialises in textile design for different soft products and the whole world of proper upholstery was very new to us.

The collaboration is all about the natural link between wood and textile. It emerged from both studios’ aspiration to create unique items, in small batches and in a slow manufacturing process that allows the designer-makers to form a deep connection with the objects and the people who choose to place them in their interior spaces. 

We believe in crafting items that will serve their owners for generations, as an antithesis to industrial manufacturing and instant culture.

The ongoing collaboration includes three functional objects - the biscotti daybed, the donut bench and the teardrop shelf, which are made to order. They are composed of solid maple bases, handcrafted by Babich to highlight the bold natural texture of wood, as well as upholstery textile from our new collection, which draws inspiration from the four seasons.




The collaboration was inspired by the theoretical basis of the Arts and Crafts movement. As the quality of home furnishing was being eroded by mass production, the movement sought to encourage craftsmanship and reconnect the designer and the manufacturing process. The movement sought to promote honest production, simple design of daily objects, craftsmanship and the use of quality materials.

The jointly produced collection gives expression to the two designers’ shared affinity toward light and playful design, rounded lines and natural materials.


The DONUT Bench


Interested in getting our furniture?

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